Introduction to the Clearing/Obstacles Category

We need to prepare the ground once we know what we are called to do and where we are called to do it.  This is the clearing stage.

We may need to remove some trees or rocks for a building.  Logistics may challenge us like building permits or bank loans.  We will need to remove whatever inner and outer obstacles are in the way.

The Greek word kenosis means self-emptying, clearing out the old attachments and addictions of the false self so that we can begin to develop the true.  We need to confront our fears, we need to get past those inner voices that threaten to withhold the building permit, we need to assess our inner and outer resources and obtain whatever we are lacking to make our vision come true.

The lid of the chest needed to be lifted in the vision of the Golden Room, and encumbrances needed to be let go or stripped away in order to climb down the tight tunnel.

The EVOKE Life Planning “Obstacles” phase is designed to help us brainstorm solutions and actions that can clear the way for us to live our heart’s core dream life.

Clearing/Obstacles can be the most dynamic and creative of times as the landscape reveals its hidden needs and demands, and we respond.  The calling is sharpened and siting refined as we make the heroic journey to overcome everything that could block us from reaching our goal.

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